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October 20, 2013


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 Tonight is the one night that (y/n) feared the most, the one and only night of the year that she could be found curled up in a shaking ball underneath a copious amount of heavy blankets, October 31, Halloween.  Most people laughed at her fear, after all wasn't Halloween just an innocent excuse to give out kids free candy?   All poor (y/n) could think of around Halloween was that vampires and werewolves and who knew what else roamed around for one night a year, destroying whatever poor, innocent (e/c) girls with (h/c) hair were silly enough to stray into their path.  Well, here was one (e/c)ed girl they were not going to eat!  At least this was the reasoning Gilbert Belshmit, the boyfriend of our heroine, was confronted with when he attempted to convince her to attend his costume party.  He was currently in the process of huffing in annoyance at her stubbornness.

 "Come ON Frau!  I svear, nothing vill attack you at mein party!" He promised.   (y/n) shook her head, visibly upset which began to tug at the albino's heartstrings.  He hated seeing her upset, but…

 "This silly fear eats her alive vonce a year, she needs to face it."  He reminded himself.

 "I-I…"  she was stammering now, her eyes wild with fear.  Again the strange pull came at his heart.

 "Listen Schätze , I von't let anything happen to you."  He promised softly as his ruby red eyes glowed.  (y/n) swallowed.

 "I'll come." She said softly.  Gilbert's signature grin returned.

 "Great!  Now come, mein avesome girlfriend and I need costumes vorthy of our combined avesomeness!"  All of (y/n)'s fears were momentarily forgotten as she chuckled at her boyfriend's silliness.  She sighed in defeat as Gilbert grabbed her hand and pulled her in the direction of his car.  

 "It won't be so bad."  she attempted to convince herself as Gilbert drove along the highway, singing along with whatever song came on the radio and encouraging her to join him.

~~~~~~time skip brought to you by Gilbert's AWESOME singing~~~~~~
 (y/n) blinked in surprise at the store sign.  

 "Gil, are you sure you want to shop for costumes at Goodwill?  You know they will be used, right?"  Gilbert laughed.

 "Who said ve vere going to buy pre-made costumes?  Se most AVESOME costumes are home made!"  He took (y/n)'s hand in his and smirked at her.  She giggled and shook her head at his silliness.  The couple stepped through the doors into the resale store.  The searched through the racks of clothing and old lamps until stumbling upon a stack of bed sheets.  (y/n) let go of her boyfriend's hand an  knelt down to examine them.  Gilbert crossed his arms, watching her with curiosity.  After a few moments searching, (y/n) held up a large, forest green pillowcase up to Gilbert's body.  She giggled at his confused expression.

 "We could turn this pillowcase into a tunic for you."  She explained.  Gilbert took the pillowcase from her slowly.

 "Ja, ve could but vhy-"  Gilbert stopped in mid sentence as he realized what his girlfriend was suggesting.  He smiled as he took her hand again and let her lead him to the area with the dresses.

~~~~~~~~~~Can you guess who you're dressing up as?~~~~~~~~~~~
 A girl with blonde hair, wearing a pink dress and holding a harp stood next to a boy with pale white hair wearing a green hat and tunic.  A sword and shield were slung across his back.  The girl was shaking in fear at the sight of the house they stood in front of.  No expense had been spared in decorating the Beldshmit residence for Halloween, and it was terrifying poor (y/n).  Gilbert gave her hand a reassuring squeeze.  Her lower lip trembled.

 "Gil, you're not, mad at me for being so scared, are you?

  " Schätze ,"  (y/n) looked up at Gilbert, her (e/c) eyes filled with tears.  She had never heard him use such a warm tone with her before.  He took her hands in his own and gave them a squeeze.  "I'm not mad at you, I just hate seeing you so scared somsing I can't protect you from."  (y/n) hiccuped as she attempted to swallow her tears.  Gilbert chuckled as he rubbed his thumbs around in soothing circles on her hands.  

 "Why would you feel like that Gil?  You make me feel safer than anyone. "  (y/n) was forced to whispered softly, as she had not yet fully regained her composure.  Gilbert blushed scarlet for a moment,

 "Zat means a lot Schätze .  Ich leibe dich, (y/n)." He then leaned forward to place a soft kiss on her lips.

 "Ich leibe dich, auch Gil."  She replied, returning the kiss.

 Gilbert led her into the house, but paused before he opened the door.

 "I vould never let anysing happen to you, after all Schätze, you are mein Zelda." He said, nodding to her costume with a smirk upon his face. (y/n) giggled.

 "That makes you my Link, correct?"  She teased, taking his outstretched arm.

 "Of course!"  He paused for a moment as if thinking something over.  "Und I vould sink zat   vould make Roderick Gannandorf."

The AWESOME PRUSSIA has arrived! Personally I think Gilbert would be a sweet boyfriend, and always trying to protect his girl. This is a contest entry for GizmoJax 's Halloween contest. Fun Fact: Samhainophobia is the fear of Halloween, an is an actual phobia people suffer from. I suffer from mild Agyrophobia, or the fear of crossing streets. XD.
Actually, I'm thinking of starting a phobia series for my next project... if it's popular enough. :)
Hetalia: not me
Story: me!
You: :iconchibiprussiaplz:
First off. THANK YOU FOR ALL THE FAVORITES!!! I feel so loved~  I am turning this into a series, so here is the intro! Note-  I have been having some problems getting this link to work, but I promise the intro does exist!
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 "That makes you my Link, correct?"  She teased, taking his outstretched arm.

 "Of course!"  He paused for a moment as if thinking something over.  "Und I vould sink zat   vould make Roderick Gannandorf."

i died died at that part XD 
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